I have always been fascinated by portraits because in their way they create a connection; sitter, viewer and photographer. This is what drives my photography; connection.

We live in a fast moving always-on world. A still portrait encourages us to stop and reflect, if only briefly.

I try to portray a sitter in a way that is positive and maintains their dignity. Capturing them in image, a still moment, that makes them feel good about themselves.

My aim is simplicity and a relaxed engagement, I am not one to over engineer unless my client is looking for something specific. If I have a style I like minimal and uncluttered so, for example, we see a moment of contemplation, perhaps an emotion in the eyes of the sitter.

My creative influences range from Caravaggio to Marco Grob,Rembrandt to Erwin Olaf.

I am self taught, no art school or college training. I do portraits because they are my passion. I use very basic cameras, I do little or no post process, such as Photoshop, to ensure a true representation is captured. I shoot very quickly, some of my favourite portraits have been done in minutes.

I live in the Midlands, UK and I am always open to private commissions where my rates are very reasonable.