Photography is very much “you get what you pay for.” I’ve tried to be as transparent as I can but please feel free to ask me any questions.

As guide these are my typical prices for commercial work so you don’t have to ask me that awkward “how much?” question,

2 hour shoot for £120.

3 hour shoot for £150.

4 hour shoot for £180.

Team/corporate group location work POA.

Sessions over 4 hours and both sitter and photographer can become weary which may show in the images so I advise caution at shooting beyond that timeframe.

My pricing includes the studio cost, my time and a private online gallery of your images to review (see below).

I use a very clean, spacious, private and female-run professional studio in Birmingham it can also access through hire studios in most locations.

As part of my workflow you will be provided with a secure private online gallery of all shots taken. You can then choose up to 20 that you want me to post process (cropping, removal of any minute dust spots so you get that clean Vogue look, highlights, shadows, sharpening etc). If you want more to be processed I charge a small fee for that.

I can do all the additional options of prints, books etc but most people simply want the image files and then do with them what they wish in terms of reproduction.

I never publish your images without your express and written permission.

Thank you for visiting.